Protesters Burn Yet Another U.S. Flag, National Guardsmen Don’t Just Stand By

Protesters Burn Yet Another U.S. Flag, National Guardsmen Don’t Just Stand By

Ferguson protesters burn American flags all the time in their protests, but this time the National Guard stopped by.

Four National guardsmen searched the wreckage for remains of the burned flag.

“It’s a piece of cloth,” the protester recording the video said.

“But it means something to us,” A guardsman responded.


Some Youtube commenters feel the same way as the protester.

Mindgamez [1 day ago]

But it is a piece of cloth, the fact that so many of you hold a piece of cloth to such high standard really worries me for human kind. Your nation will still exist when that flag is burned.

Yet you worship this flag, like an idol. A flag which is not even constructed in your own nation but in various nations around the world then shipped and sold to your own nation.

And soldiers dieing for a flag? No they are dieing for their fellow soldiers. Who they fight alongside and protect during war. Soldiers that are joined by the ideals of a nation. Soldiers that fight to protect that nation. Not a flag.

The only reason people hold their flag into such high standards is because they have been brainwashed to follow sigils, sigils that matter not. Grow the ___ up you cry babies.. ”


He, as well as the protester, has gotten many angry responses defending America, including pointing out that “the piece of cloth” is a symbol of the ideals that our great nation was built on. Soldiers died for their country, which is represented by the American flag.


The protester made another comment once the guardsmen had passed.

“It’s not their flag.”


While the protesters may have owned that individual flag, they may have forgotten that the American flag is OUR flag, and as an American citizen we have every right, just as the National Guard demonstrated, to defend it and stand up against the hate by American citizens that we live with inside our own country.


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