Bush Verbally Jabs Obama, and Obama Responds

Bush Verbally Jabs Obama, and Obama Responds

While Bush got a lot of heat as President during his terms from 2001-2009, he always did keep his word. Bush had an interview with CBS, and the statements he made are something to keep in mind.

While subtly hinting at Obama’s consistency of lying throughout his years as President, Bush says “When you say something as president, you better mean it.” He added, “Words mean something.”

He talks about his ultimatum to former Iraqi President Saddam Hussein when Hussein was captured in 2003. Bush told Hussein at the time to step down and leave the country or there would be war. Hussein told an FBI agent that he didn’t believe Bush’s ultimatum. Bush says during the interview “It’s hard for me to believe that he didn’t believe me. We’d given an ultimatum to the Taliban and delivered.”

Even though him and the war weren’t popular amongst Americans, the fact remains that Bush was a man of his word- he said he would start a war if Hussein refused to step down, and he did.

While Bush keeps his promises, Obama has continually made threats back to back but has never followed through, especially with Syria and Russia.

Many Americans now are noticing that Obama doesn’t take his job as President of the United States very seriously, since all he seems to be doing is playing golf.

In his interview with CBS last month, he admitted that his job wasn’t what he expected.

“Campaiging and governance are two different things. I ran two successful campaigns and anyone who has seen me on the campaign trail can tell just how much I love just being with the American people, hearing what they care about and how passionate I am about trying to help them.”

“When you start governing, there is a tendency to sometimes for me to start thinking as long as I get the policy right then that’s what should matter… There is a failure of politics there we’ve got to improve on.”

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