Liberals Look Like They Are Leaning Right, But…

Liberals Look Like They Are Leaning Right, But…

Right Wing News’ John Hawkins and many other Republicans are publicly standing with Warren, Pelosi, and other liberal politicians. The reason why is these democrats voted against the proposed bill CRomnibus. CRomnibus is a bill that was passed the other day unfortunately, since all it does is allow the government to be allowed to continue spending until September on mostly worthless things that continue to dig us further into our $18 trillion debt. However, Warren and Pelosi voted against the bill because it the spending wasn’t enough for the areas they wanted the money to go to- so no, they are not suddenly turning Conservative.

The passing of the short-term bill let the government dodge a government shutdown for now. Too bad the bill didn’t pass- Ideally, a government shutdown wouldn’t be such a bad idea (unless you had a planned vacation to a national park) since the Republican Senate will be sworn in shortly, so things will hopefully start getting back on track.


This recent occurrence isn’t the first time liberals are seen making right-wing decisions, and in this next case, jokes. Just one month ago, Nancy Pelosi and Obama have been the subject of sketches by the liberal-leaning satirical political news show Daily Show host Jon Stewart. In the past few days, he’s been bashing on these 2 Democrats for their decisions, and all the Conservatives are clapping and laughing right along.

Stewart made fun of Pelosi for her hypocritical decision to refuse then-pregnant Democratic U.S. Representative of Illinois and war veteran Tammy Duckworth to vote by proxy (which allows someone to vote for you). He ended with a brilliant “You go, girl! Seriously, you should go.” directed at Pelosi.

Even though Stewart seems to still be liberal, he hasn’t been too happy with the Democrats he voted into office…

Here’s a piece of the sketch:

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