Police Storm Cafe and Sydney Siege Comes to Dramatic End

Police Storm Cafe and Sydney Siege Comes to Dramatic End

The upsetting story of an armed Muslim extremist who held hostages in a Lindt Cafe in Sydney, Australia Central business district for over 16 hours has come to an end.

7 heavily armed police officers stormed the Sydney cafe with stun grenades and gunfire and concluded that the siege is over. Right before the police went in, 5 clearly fear-stricken hostages fled the cafe as quickly as possible with their hands in the air.

Once the siege ended, at least 4 stretchers were taken inside the cafe and carried out with injured hostages on them.

Three people have died from the situation- Haron Monis and 2 of the hostages. Tori Johnson was the 34 year old manager of Lindt Cafe.

He was killed when he tried to wrestle the gun away from the gunman.

Katrina Dawson was a 38 year old mother of 3 who died at the end of the siege while protecting her pregnant friend. Two pregnant women were among the hostages and were checked in at hospital.

NSW police made a statement: 

“Two women have been taken to hospital with non-life threatening injuries, while a male police officer suffered a non-life threatening wound to his face from gunshot pellets and was taken to hospital. Another woman has been taken to hospital with a gunshot wound to her shoulder. A 35-year-old woman was taken to hospital as a precaution.” 

Flags are flying at half mast today atop the Sydney Harbour Bridge in honor of the victims who lost their lives during the siege.

*EDITED once found out the actual number of how many hostages died and who they were.

The terrorist act started at 9:45 am on Monday morning, Sydney time, where a man armed with a shotgun, machete, and a suspected bomb took 15-20 people hostage in Lindt Chocolat Cafe in Martin Place.

30 minutes later, 2 female hostages were seen inside the Lindt Cafe pressed against the window holding a black Islamic flag. The Sydney Opera House and the surrounding area were then evacuated.

Hostages forced to hold up black Islamic flag (Image source: BizNews)

Around 3:30 pm, 3 men sprinted to safety from the cafe’s fire exit. Nearly an hour and a half later, shortly before 5pm, 2 women, both employees, run from the exit into the arms of the police.

Employee taken as hostage flees from the cafe hysterically (Image source: USA Today)

Hostage runs into officer’s arms (Image source: TPR)


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