Two NYPD Officers Were Ambushed and Fatally Shot

Two NYPD Officers Were Ambushed and Fatally Shot

Two New York City Police Department officers were sitting in their patrol car in Brooklyn when they shot at point-blank range and killed on Saturday afternoon by a man named Ismaaiya Brinsley, 28. The police officers were Rafael Ramos, 40, and Wenjian Liu, 32. Liu recently got married two months ago and Ramos had a 13 year old son.


(Image source: Washington Post)


The alleged gang member with a very troubled past posted on his facebook page that he wanted revenge for the deaths of Michael Brown and Eric Garner.



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Brinsley started his rampage at about 5:45 am in Owings Mills, MD when he shot his ex-girlfriend Shaneka Thompson, who remains hospitalized for stomach wounds. Baltimore County detectives tried to warn the NYPD by fax message what just happened and wrote that he had connections to Brooklyn’s East Flatbush area and was now targeting police. However, the warning came too late- just as the warning came in, the shooting occurred. Right before he walked up to Liu and Ramos’ patrol car, he told two bystanders, “Watch what I’m going to do.” After the firing, power company workers chased Brinsley into the nearby subway station, where he then shot himself in the head.

Brinsley was allegedly a member of a Baltimore gang called the Black Guerilla Family, and his friend Jay Romero stated that Brinsley was a Muslim. He had been arrested 19 times in two different states for various reasons, including carrying a concealed weapon and shoplifting. His relationship with his family was extremely rocky and his mother was scared of him.

This incident was much alike the time when NYPD rookie Edward Byrne was sitting in his patrol car in 1988 when 4 men who were part of a drug gang walked up and shot him in the head five times. It sparked a huge crackdown on drug gangs and greatly improved the neighborhood. Hopefully, this devastating incident will open up peoples’ eyes to the falsity of “police brutality” and see the violence in the black community and how it can and needs to change.

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