A Dallas Crossing Guard Gets A Surprise

A Dallas Crossing Guard Gets A Surprise

Nathaniel Kendrick, a much-loved crossing guard in the city of Dallas, Texas, retired years ago and became a crossing guard, where he helped the children of his community get to and from school safely for years. He would then return home to care for his sick wife. He recently has been through some hard times as medical bills started piling up and his car was repossessed.

So, a group of dads who were part of the Friends of Lakewood community group all pitched in to buy him a new Mercury Sedan.

This video gone viral shows the raw footage of the dads parking a car in the school crosswalk. When Kendrick asked them to move it, one of the dad’s said, “Well, it’s your car, why don’t you move it?” Kendrick became speechless and started crying when he recognized what the community had done for him. You then hear a woman telling Kendrick, “You deserve every bit of this.” A true act of a community banding together to help one another.

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