Family Poses With Santa For 60 Years In A Row

Family Poses With Santa For 60 Years In A Row

USA Today writes about a family with a unique tradition. The Wilson Family took their first photo with Santa Claus in 1955. Sixty years later, they continue the tradition as adults, including their spouses and children.

Every year, a few weeks before Christmas, this family gets in line at a downtown Seattle department store to wait their turn to take their yearly picture with Santa Claus. The unique part is that the four now-grown up siblings, three brothers and one sister, kept that tradition up, no matter the circumstances.

The tradition never got old, even when the kids seemed too old for Santa, they didn’t care. It was such a significant tradition that their parents would even pull them out of school for it. Some years were different than others though. One year the kids were bundled up too tightly against the cold weather so they ended up looking miserable in the picture. In 1978 one brother was out of town (the only year when all four weren’t present). In 1990, their parents joined in. And now, many years later, they include their spouses and children in the annual picture with Santa. 2012 was the Wilson’s 58th photo with Santa, but it was also their father’s last. Woody Wilson passed away a month later at 94 years old, so in the following Christmas, the second oldest Steve wore one of his father’s vintage jackets to make it feel like he was still right there in the picture with them.

On December 6th, 2014, the family gathered for their 60th photo with Santa.

“It’s the history of our family. It just happens to be with Santa Claus,” says Steve.



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