Obama Spends Christmas Eve Playing Golf With Radical Islamist Leader

Obama Spends Christmas Eve Playing Golf With Radical Islamist Leader

On his yearly taxpayer-funded vacation to Hawaii, Obama spent his Christmas Eve challenging radical Malaysian Islamist Prime Minister Najib Razak in some rounds of golf.

Not only has he spent over $44 million of taxpayers’ money on his vacations, but he is also playing golf with the enemy.

The Prime Minister of Malaysia enforces Sharia on his citizens and condones torture and oppression. He also praised the actions of terrorist groups such as ISIS for their victories.

A former police officer and a homeland security adviser said:

“The fact that our president would play golf with the leader of such a repressive regime speaks volumes of his ignorance or arrogance. And yet he and his administration have repeatedly targeted U.S. police officers and intelligence officers for their vitriol. Yes, it speaks volumes of Barack Obama’s [true] character.”

While this round of golf may have surprised some but further confirmed the suspicions of many others, it’s got Sydney Franes, former NYPD detective and a member of a U.S. Marine intelligence unit, talking. 

“Imagine the outcry if a Republican president played a round of golf with the leader of a nation that terrorizes homosexuals, oppresses women and supports terrorist organizations. It would be the lead story in every major news outlet.”

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