Labor Unions Plan To Recruit Illegal Immigrants Covered By Obama’s Amnesty

Labor Unions Plan To Recruit Illegal Immigrants Covered By Obama’s Amnesty

Labor unions are eyeing the 4 million immigrants who entered the U.S. illegally and will now be protected by Obama’s executive order of amnesty to stop their deportation. The unions, including the AF-CIO, Service Employees International Union, and United Food and Commercial Workers, are aiming to try to recruit these immigrants to be part of their group.

You can read the details at Fox News.

Union membership has been struggling in the past decade, so unions are going to take advantage of these immigrants to line their own pockets. They are going to welcome in the illegals, so they don’t have to compete against them in the job market and so they can make more money. Unions take hundreds of dollars in dues each month and put the money towards things that you may not support while also making themselves rich. They go to employers and demand that they pay their employees a specific wage higher than what they can afford to pay. Everyone obviously wants to be paid a lot per hour, however, the problem is if some companies are being FORCED to pay an amount they can’t afford to pay, the company will collapse because it will so greatly reduce their profit that it doesn’t make it worth it. You can’t force companies to pay more than they can afford to. Costco isn’t part of a union and they still pay $20 to start. They do that because they want to and because they can afford to. If you don’t like how much a company pays, work harder to get to the top and receive more pay or choose a company that offers more money upfront. Teachers in NYC are unionized, which means you can’t fire them. That’s no good because if they do things like molest kids or they don’t feel like working and they just sit around all day collecting their paychecks, then they still get to keep their jobs. It becomes all about seniority and not quality.

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