The 15 Cutest Animals Of 2014

The 15 Cutest Animals Of 2014

Buzzfeed brought us some adorable animals that made our 2014 that much better.

1. Bailey the Retriever took the world by storm with his adorable human-like pictures.


2. Snooty the manatee celebrated his 66th birthday, making him the oldest manatee in the world.


3. Tally the Husky looked super cute doing cat-like things because she was raised by cats.

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4. These 2 cuties crossed species barriers to become friends


5. Pudding the fox found a lasting home at the National Fox Welfare Society become she is too friendly to be released back into the wild.


6. This dog got a lift from his loving owner after hurting his his foot.


7. This dog kept a close eye on the baby while their parents were out.


9. This cat met his baby brother for the first and thought it was the best thing ever.


10. The world related to this corgi puppy when he fell asleep in his college class.






11. The bulldog puppy learned how to howl.


12. Peanut the bunny came into existence.


13. Stark the husky puppy found where he belongs.


14. This teeny piglet frolicked in the grass.

15. And finally, this cat desperately tried to fit in to a box.

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