Get Ready For A Muslim Invasion Of The U.S.

Get Ready For A Muslim Invasion Of The U.S.

According to WND, not only is Obama getting away with allowing millions of illegal aliens into the U.S., he is also made an announcement that we have to also welcome 9,000 Sunni Muslim “refugees” of the Syrian civil war. These Muslims have been hand-picked by the United Nations to resettle in the U.S.

So, as millions of Christians are being slaughtered by Sunni Muslims, exiled and sent into refugee status throughout the Middle East, the U.N. is telling America that we have to house Sunni Muslims now. The U.S., of course, is not offering any refugee resettlement for the Christian refugees.

On top of that, the 9,000 coming right now represent the first wave of at least 75,000 Syrian refugees, which are all likely to be Sunni Muslims, headed to the U.S. in the next five years.

The refugees will be relocated to 180 cities in 49 states.

There are a lot of Sunni-dominated Arab states in the Middle East, but they won’t resettle these “refugees” because they don’t want them. So they will come to the U.S. from Syria, Lebanon and Turkey where they are living in refugee camps – breeding grounds for terrorism.

In 2009, members of al-Qaida entered the U.S. through a similar program to resettle Iraqi refugees. Again, it was the Sunnis who caused most of the refugee problems in Iraq.

The United States has already accepted nearly 2 million refugees from Muslim countries since 1992.

Also keep in mind that we are going to be paying to take care of these refugees through an increase in taxes. We don’t need America to become the new Middle East. We already accept more refugees from around the world than all other countries combined. It costs more than $1 billion a year to handle the current flow of 70,000 a year. Estimates suggest this total could explode to $10 billion a year.

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