Mom of Cop Killed By Illegal Immigrant Writes Angry Letter To Obama

Mom of Cop Killed By Illegal Immigrant Writes Angry Letter To Obama

Mary Ann Mendoza’s son, Sgt. Brandon Mendoza, was a Mesa, Arizona police officer killed in May 2014 by an illegal immigrant who was driving 35 miles the wrong way with a blood alcohol content of three times the legal limit and was also high on meth.

Court records show that Raul Silva Corona, the driver, was convicted of charges in 1994, and the federal government knew he was in the country illegally, but they refused to deport him regardless.

She sent a deeply frustrated, enraged, and passionate letter to Obama Wednesday afternoon, demanding that her voice be heard.

Her letter demanded to know from Obama why he supports immigration policies that led to the death of her son.

Mendoza described her son as an admirable police officer who won officer of the year and regularly volunteered did “remarkable” things in his community. 

She naturally stated that her actions are not motivated by race, to get that out of the way, noting her son was half-Hispanic.

She wrote, “If you can’t enter this country legally then you shouldn’t be here. If you commit crimes, you should pay the time any of us as US Citizens would have to serve. Letting these illegal criminals out of our jails before their time is served and turning them loose on the streets to commit further crimes and KILL our loved ones is NOT ACCEPTABLE TO ME!! AND it shouldn’t be acceptable to any US Citizen. Mr. President, you don’t have the right to make this decision yourself……I have a say, even if it is for one moment.”

Mendoza is still waiting for a letter back from Obama- we all are. 

You can read the full unfiltered letter here.

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