Canadian Man Murders Eight People And Spares Two Infants

Canadian Man Murders Eight People And Spares Two Infants

*UPDATED 1/8/15: Just this past weekend, Edmonton police said that they responded to 15 domestic violence calls, two of them which involved very serious injuries, Global News reports. The calls are from frightened individuals seeking support so that they and their family don’t receive the same fate as Truong.

Canadian Vietnamese man Phu Lam, 53, went on a killing spree last week in Edmonton, Canada. He shot down eight people right with a stolen gun before he killed himself at the Vietnamese restaurant where he worked.

According to Yahoo News, the victims were his wife Tien Truong, 35, her 8-year old son, her parents, her sister, her 3-year old niece, and an acquaintance of hers. The next day, he killed a 37-year old woman named Cyndi Duong who police say was a friend of the family and was probably not Lam’s intended target.


He was believed to have been depressed and had threatened to kill his family two years ago after learning through a biological test that he was not the father of Elvis Lam, the 8-year old victim. He had a record of sexual assault and drug abuse and court documents showed that Truong has accused Lam of repeated violence over the years. Truong had said in court previously that he became extremely controlling shortly after they had emigrated from Vietnam to Canada together. She had tried to escape the vicious marriage various times and finally managed to separate from Lam in early 2013, but it is uncertain if they were separated at the time of the massacre because the house was under Lam’s name and other family members lived in it.

During his murderous rampage, however, Lam spared the lives of two young children- his 1-year old daughter and his 8-month old nephew.

Lam dropped the two kids off at a relative’s home the next day, then visited with other family before driving to another house to kill one final target. When that person wasn’t home, he shot dead an innocent woman who happened to be there, the National Post writes.

A Buddhist funeral was held for the victims yesterday on Monday, and hundreds of people showed up to pay their respect.

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