2 Men Offered Woman $100 To Buy Her Child… A Gift

2 Men Offered Woman $100 To Buy Her Child… A Gift

In the city of Covina, California, a woman reported to the police that a man walked up to her and her 2-year-old son in a supermarket checkout line and offered to buy the toddler for $100. She said no, of course, then waited for the man and another man he was with to leave before she walked to her car.

According to NBC, as she was putting her son in the car, she heard the men pull up in their brown Honda Pilot next to her. They started raining compliments on her, saying how pretty the child’s eyes were and how beautiful the mother was. The woman recalled the man say, “Oh look, it’s you! It’s both of you. You’re so beautiful.” She asked them to leave her alone, but the man continuing to compliment her son then got out of the car and removed a $100 bill from his pocket and offered it to her, saying that he would give her $100 “right now” for her son. He kept saying, “Let me buy the child, let me buy the child.”

She froze, thinking that her baby would be kidnapped, then she immediately got into protective mode- she pushed her toddler in the car and locked the door.

The men then said, “Just keep the money” and dropped the $100 in her shopping cart and left.

The police were trying to find the suspected human traffickers, however, immediately after the 2 men heard the news from one of their employees, they immediately went to police and explained how it was all a misunderstanding.

The two men were caught on the supermarket surveillance camera. (Image source: Facebook)

The two men were caught on the supermarket surveillance camera. (Image source: Facebook)


SJV Tribune reported that these “pedophiles” were actually two businessmen that were trying to give the woman $100 as a gift to spend on her son. Roly Garcia said he stopped by the market with his business partner Ed Justice to pick up groceries for a company barbecue when he noticed the woman and her son in front of them in line.

Garcia said, “He looked so much like my son when he was little. I believe God has blessed me so much, the least I can do is spread out some of that wealth.” When the mother refused the $100 gift from Garcia, he thought she was simply reluctant to accept the charity.

When Garcia again saw the woman and child returning to their car, coincidentally parked next to his, he said he viewed it was a sign that he should help her.

“I said, ‘Here’s $100 for your son. Buy whatever you want for him,’” Garcia said. The woman again declined to accept the cash, so Garcia dropped it in her shopping cart and left.

Police asked Garcia what he wanted done with the $100 bill, which the woman had turned in. Garcia said he told them he still wished for the woman to have it, if she was willing to accept it. 

Both Garcia and Justice said there was no hard feelings toward either the police or the woman, saying that they think she did the right thing since she didn’t understand what the men’s intentions were. Justice added that he felt bad that the mother was left scared by the incident.

The mother is perfectly comfortable now though, and both men will still continue to help others in the future, despite the terrible misunderstanding. 

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