Paris Terrorist Attack Marks Beginning of European War

Paris Terrorist Attack Marks Beginning of European War

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The Blaze makes some honest and straightforward points about what the Paris attacks mean for Europe and the rest of the world.

What happened the other day in Paris is not the end, it’s just the beginning. France needs to protect its freedom with an appropriate response to the acts of violence committed against free speech. If they don’t, Sharia will take over Europe and they might as well give up now to save themselves the pain. 

These terrorist attacks are an act of Civil War, which no one wants. Wars are messy, destructive, and depressing, but this one can only be delayed for so long. Europe needs to stand up and fight back, and they can’t keep telling themselves that Islam is a “religion of peace” because no matter how many times they say that, terrorist attacks are not going to slow down or stop. 

To make this not a full-blown bloody war, Europe should start with deporting all illegal residents and offering financial incentives to the rest to move back to Muslim countries. This will hopefully be enough to get rid of the threat, but if it’s not, the fight must continue so the entirety of Europe doesn’t end up going through the major genocide that Bosnia went through in the 1990s.

Thousands gather in France in solidarity (Image source:

Thousands gather in France in solidarity (Image source:

The Blaze also makes valid points on Islam’s “peaceful” nature. We have been in this spot many times in the past 1,500 years- the place where the world tries to keep us from making our mind up about the true nature of Islam. The truth is, this terrorist stuff has happened much more frequently than it should, and it’s always from the same people- Muslims. No, not just any Muslim, but the “extremists”- the ones that claim that they are with ISIS and Al-Qaeda and that they are willing to cut off the heads of every person that doesn’t abide by the Prophet Muhammad’s rules- even the majority of other Muslims, who they would consider infidels.

I’m not saying every Muslim wants to commit terrorist attacks, because they don’t. Muslims aren’t evil, but Islam, the religion, has something seriously wrong with it. It sure doesn’t look like it’s as “peaceful” as the world keeps telling us it is. 

Can you imagine extreme Christians committing mass murder because they someone insulted their religion by making jokes about Jesus, maybe like the famous photo “Piss Christ“? Can you imagine Christians of any level committing murder for any reason at all? No, because it just doesn’t happen. America, the country founded on Christianity, itself is extremely insulting to its own founding religion, but it doesn’t get much worse than some form of discussion because America is also built on the the ideals of freedom of speech and religion. Man, the media reaction if one Christian murdered one person to get revenge on them for an offensive joke or provocative cartoon would be intense. Everyone would be out to ban the entire religion in America. How are we not reacting the same way about Islam? Why are we being such hypocrites?

British protests (Image source: Patdollard)

British protests (Image source: Patdollard)


And please don’t say that Muslims have been oppressed. Jews have been the most hated and oppressed group of people for centuries, but hey, they’ve done pretty well for themselves and you won’t hear them complaining.

Islam is not a religion of peace. There’s obviously something askew here, and we need to pay close attention to it.

The vast majority of Muslims are not evil and have all the right intentions to be good people and live righteous lives, and we’ve all heard of many who deeply condemn every terroristic action. But we all need to face the fact that all of these terrorist attacks are being done in the name of Allah. We have to stop being hypocrites and lying to ourselves just because it makes us sound “racist” or “Islamophobic” to other more ignorant people.

There’s a lot of work to be done to stop this extremism on the rise. If you want to take part of this movement, you can visit ACLJ to sign petitions against jihad. You can sign this petition that is fighting to strip terrorist traitors from their American citizenship if they leave the country to join ISIS and Al-Qaeda.


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