A Chick-fil-A Owner Shows Act Of Kindness To A Homeless Man On A Cold Night

A Chick-fil-A Owner Shows Act Of Kindness To A Homeless Man On A Cold Night

At a Chick-fil-A restaurant alongside a highway in Birmingham, Alabama, a man carrying several garbage bags with his belongings on his back came in “to escape the 35 degree temps and strong winds.” He asked the cashier if he could “work for food.”

That’s when store owner Mark Meadows showed up and noticed that the seemingly homeless man wasn’t suited up for the freezing weather, so he asked him if he had a pair of gloves. The man replied no, to which Meadows immediately retrieved his own to give away. Although the man was very reluctant to take them, Meadows insisted, stating that he had another pair.

Meadows then had an employee get the man a meal of his choice on the house. The traveler ate his food and then put his new warm gloves back on before heading back into the cold.

This is the same owner who handed out hundreds of chicken sandwiches for free to stranded motorists along the highway after a the chaotic January blizzard in the South last year.

The story got out when a woman named Andrea Stoker, who was eating at Chick-fil-A with her son Bryson when the incident unfolded, took a picture and posted it on Instagram and Facebook the next day on January 8, explaining just how inspired and grateful she was that her son was able to see the act of kindness firsthand.The picture went viral and owner Mark Meadows is praised once again for his kind heart.

A local server, Lisa Lawrence, commented on the photo, “He ate at my work (Applebee’s) not long ago, left me a $35 tip and paid for the table’s bill beside me. Said he did it once a month — and leaves them a chick-fil-a card in place of their bill. Amazing man!”

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