Car Dealership Screws Over Pizza Delivery Guy And The Internet Responds

Car Dealership Screws Over Pizza Delivery Guy And The Internet Responds

F&R Auto Sales used car dealership in Westport, Massachusetts got some major internet backlash when they screwed over a pizza delivery guy named Jarrid Tansey, who works at Palace Pizza.

A video was posted to Youtube that went viral, showing a pizza delivery guy having to return tip money that he had been given during a previous trip to deliver food to the dealership. While it is not confirmed how the clip was made public or who uploaded it, it appeared to come from surveillance video captured inside the shop. The original YouTube video has now been made private, but it’s been uploaded to Live Leak and several Youtube accounts.

*Warning: Expletives in the video below

What happened:

Tansey delivered pizza and drinks to the dealership, with the total bill coming to $42 and some change. Tansey was given $50 from two $20 bills and two $5 bills, which even makes it seem clear that the extra money is a tip. The dealership staff didn’t ask for change, so the delivery man left with a $7 tip, something he even confirmed with the employees.

Then F&R Auto Sales called Palace Pizza and complained, forcing Tansey to return and give the $5 back.

“Here’s your change,” Tansey said to one employee upon returning to hand the money back. “It just doesn’t make sense why you would hand me a bill that you were just going to have me drive back here to give you back anyway.” When the employee lashed back, Tansey responded, “So you handed me a $5 bill that you were going to ask for back?” The employee responded, ”Correct.”

Another woman working at the dealership intervened in the relatively calm exchange and said, ”Let’s not be mad.” To that, Tansey said, “I’m not mad, I just had to waste my resources coming back here.”

It got messy from there, and Tansey ended up leaving while the female employee threatened to “put my foot in your a**.” 

“It’s okay, you got your $7 back, so the world is right now,” Tansey sarcastically said before leaving.

Another employee can be heard moments later, yelling “Get the owner and the f***ing manager on the phone. I want that motherf***er done. I want him fired.”

The end result:

In the end, though, Palace Pizza manager Adam Willoughby said it was the owner of the dealership who came by later to apologize.

Other employees at Palace Pizza said that this wasn’t the first time they have had problems with F&R Auto Sales. Talk about bad customer service.

This story turns into all good news for Tansey. He was not fired, as that rude employee demanded he be, and the internet totally took his side.

The public started a GoFundMe campaign to get Tansey his lost tip money. So far that campaign has brought in over $11,000 for the lucky guy, with the aim for $20,000. Talk about going above and beyond…

Super negative (and insanely odd…) reviews have been posted on F&R Auto Sales’ Yelp page and their Facebook was flooded with so many negative comments that they took it down and a user created a new one for them to keep the insults coming. Although F&R Auto Sales has never been that popular in the first place, it’s safe to say this incident has got their business spiraling downward.

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