Teens Media Called Modern Day ‘Bonnie And Clyde’ Finally Captured in Florida, No Injuries

Teens Media Called Modern Day ‘Bonnie And Clyde’ Finally Captured in Florida, No Injuries


Around midnight Sunday, U.S. Marshals in Panama City Beach, Florida, found 18-year-old Hayes and 13-year-old Phillips sleeping in the 2001 Toyota Tundra that was reported stolen in Henry County, Georgia.

Law enforcement surrounded the vehicle, parked in the back parking lot of an IHOP, and then took the two into custody without any problems. They’re already working on getting the teens back to Kentucky, where they will face several felony charges.

This incident fortunately did not imitate the Bonnie and Clyde persona the media originally thought it would, as no one was injured or killed and they did not resist arrest or die in a hailstorm of bullets like the originals did. Also, this incident only lasted 2 weeks, while the real Depression-era Bonnie and Clyde were on the run for 2 years.


Two teenagers, Cheyenne Phillips, 13, and Dalton Hayes, 18, who vaguely resemble the Bonnie and Clyde description have been running from the law since January 3rd. These two Kentucky teens who have been dating for 3 months are apparently in love and engaged, as Hayes’ mother said that he bought her an engagement ring and officially announced in on Facebook. Phillips was reported missing on January 3rd, just hours after their engagement was announced on Facebook.

Dalton Hayes and Cheyenne Phillips (Image source: NY Daily)

Dalton Hayes and Cheyenne Phillips (Image source: NY Daily)

The two have been on a crime spree across the South, starting in their home state of Kentucky and working their way through other states, including South Carolina and Georgia.

They were last spotted panhandling in Florida, the 5th state they’ve been to since they left home 2 weeks ago. Once they were seen begging for money on the streets, police were led to believe that they may be sleeping in camps or homeless shelters, but did not want to disclose where they would be searching for them next to tip them off.

Before this, they were spotted at a Manning, South Carolina Walmart on Monday on surveillance cameras. They were traveling in their neighbor’s stolen red 2006 Toyota Tacoma for just over a week that had a gun and a checkbook inside.

The couple caught on a South Carolina Walmart surveillance camera (Image source: Washington Times)

The couple caught on a South Carolina Walmart surveillance camera (Image source: Washington Times)

That pickup truck was found abandoned in Georgia on Wednesday, and now another pickup truck that was parked nearby in a man’s driveway is reported stolen as they continue moving from state to state cashing false checks wherever and whenever they can. There are 2 guns inside the truck, stashed in the seat back pockets.

Phillips originally convinced Hayes and his family that she was 19 years old, and they had no reason to doubt her since she would constantly come out of drugstores with cigarettes. Eventually the truth came out but the damage was already done, Hayes was in love with her and age became but a number.

Both of the teens’ parents are devastated that they have run away, and they are both pleading for them to come home. Last time Hayes’ mother heard from him was on Tuesday at 5:48 p.m. Kentucky time, texting her, “(sic) Mommy dint worry fine okkkk plenty.of money n.food.love u giidnught sweet.dreams” and told her that he would call her soon. Hayes’ mother is very worried because this is the longest her son has gone without texting her, which leads her to believe that they are not safe anymore.

Cheyenne Phillips has not had previous trouble with law enforcement, but Dalton Hayes had pending burglary and theft charges when he fled, which is the reason that police believe he fled in the first place. 

The teenagers are considered armed and dangerous, so police urge anyone to call 911 instead of confront them if the pickup truck or the couple are spotted.

Phillips is described as 5, feet 1 inch tall, weighing 100 pounds, with blond hair and hazel eyes. Hayes is 5 feet, 10 inches tall with brown hair and hazel eyes.

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