Police Officer Hilariously Shakes It Off And Taylor Swift Loves It

Police Officer Hilariously Shakes It Off And Taylor Swift Loves It

Even police officers love Taylor Swift’s upbeat song, “Shake It Off.”

The Dover Police Department in Delaware said that they found an “interesting” video on one of their cop car dash cams. The department released it to the public on a Youtube video in a new series they are calling “Dash Cam Confessionals.”

One officer named Jeff Davis from the DPD became a viral sensation when he was ‘caught’ dancing with attitude and giving an impressive lip-synching performance to Swift’s hit song while driving, with occasional pauses to hide his rocking out from bypassers.

Police say the video was to try to show cops in a different light and show people that officers are human, too. While it looks like Davis may be making some reckless moves by taking his hands off the wheel, the video was shot in a secluded parking lot of an athletic field at slow speeds. The video was staged, taking two shots to film it, but it’s still simply hilarious to watch this 19-year veteran of the force jamming to a song he knows the words of because his 10-year-old daughter is a big Taylor Swift fan.

Swift responded to the video, showing just how much she enjoyed it.

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