Thieves Steal $5,000 and iPad, Then Brag About It By Posting Pictures And A Video To The Owner’s iCloud

Thieves Steal $5,000 and iPad, Then Brag About It By Posting Pictures And A Video To The Owner’s iCloud

A man named Randy Schaefer had his truck robbed in Houston, making him believe that he had lost many of his personal items, including his iPad, MacBook Pro laptop, and $5,000, which were all in a bag in his truck.

“Just frustrated. I felt violated,” said Schaefer. “I was frustrated and I just kind of wrote everything off as lost.”

But then when he checked his iCloud stream, he found 17 selfies taken by the thieves themselves at a Burger King. A Youtube video of the same people surfaced that same night. 

“I think they felt elated that they got away with such a big score,” said Schaefer. 

It turns out they were super pumped that they got away with their major crime. So, they took pictures of them with the stolen cash, and then they posted a video, starting it with, “Hello America. This is Dorian, from the Money Team.” The photos showed the men holding stacks of $100 bills. In one photo, the men even put the bills in their mouths. They could be seen smiling and throwing up a “west side” gang sign.

Image source: The Blaze/Imgur

Image source: The Blaze/Imgur

“At first I wondered who they were, and then within seconds I realized who they were and I saw that they had my money in their mouth,” said Schaefer.

Schaefer said he “saw from the Burger King cameras that they were back in that store,” leading him to determine that the selfies were taken on his iPad at a Montrose-area Burger King.

But there wasn’t enough time to get to the Burger King while the crooks were still there. Schaefer did, however, find some of the other stolen items in an alley behind a Starbucks located close to the Burger King. He believes that his iPad connected to the Starbucks Wi-Fi and synced the selfies to the cloud.

Schaefer enlisted his friends to post on Reddit to help him track down the dumb kids.

It’s working.

One commenter wrote, “Once I heard him say Dorian I knew where I recognized the guy from. Went to high school with this idiot.”

Other Reddit users posted social media snapshots detailing the unfolding events and connected Schaefer with the thieves’ Facebook accounts.

“They basically turned themselves in,” one Reddit user wrote. “How dumb can you be to flaunt all the s**t you stole.”

They haven’t arrested the guys yet, but with how much information they have now, Schaefer is sure he’ll get his things back soon.

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