Adorable Seal Cuddles Up With Dog On A French Beach

Adorable Seal Cuddles Up With Dog On A French Beach

Elise Frebourg captured an adorable bit of unlikely animal interaction in southwestern France with a video of a seal hugging a dog.

In the Youtube clip, the seal is hanging out around a group of people and their dog. Once it sees the dog lie down to relax, it cuddles up to it in the most adorable way possible. Although the pup didn’t look like it really wanted to cuddle, it let the seal do its thing, while the dog’s owner pet the seal (although that action is advised against by the International Fund for Animal Welfare and the Marine Mammal Protection Act).

Last month, a seal in the same region of France (which could potentially be the same one) gained popularity when a video surfaced of it approaching surfers and hanging around one in particular as the seal continuously tried to get on his surfboard.

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