Man Found His Stolen Dog On An Adoption Site

Man Found His Stolen Dog On An Adoption Site

Richard Brower’s German shephard named Dozer was stolen from his backyard 18 months ago. Dozer was Brower’s “best buddy,” and he was completely “devastated” when his pal went missing, CBC reported.

Brower, who lives in the Canadian province of Alberta, finally decided to look for a new dog once he realized his pet was likely gone forever. He was searching online on the Claresholm Rescue Society’s website and the very first photo made his heart sink and left him “shaking.”

He immediately called his dad, who was closer to the shelter, and asked him to stop in. Dozer recognized his father immediately as he “started going nuts and wagging his tail.” The shelter had to make sure that Dozer was in fact Brower’s lost dog, so Brower told his dad to snap his fingers. One of the first things Brower taught his pup, Dozer would come around to his right side and wait for his second command.

He did just that.

Brower said, “The lady at Claresholm started crying, I started crying, and all the other people at the shelter were crying. Yeah, It was quite the day.”

The two were reunited later that same day.

“It was just amazing when he got home. As soon as he got on the block, dad said his tail started wagging, and as soon as he pulled into the driveway I opened the door and he just flew right in and buried his head in my armpit and just started whining like a baby,” Brower added about the moment he was reunited with his best friend.

Since Dozer returned, he’s been “spoiled”- getting new toys and even getting to sleep on the bed, which he previously wasn’t allowed to do.

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