Man Hits Pregnant Girlfriend With Car Then Flees Scene

Man Hits Pregnant Girlfriend With Car Then Flees Scene

Justin Lee Colby, 33, and his 7-months pregnant girlfriend Crystal Lynn Noordhuizen, 32, got in a heated argument on Monday and their home in Holiday, FL (near Tampa). Noorduizen walked out of their house and left to avoid further escalation. After she left, Colby called her and asked, “Are you ready for your abortion date?”

Colby was then caught on a Toyota dealership surveillance camera driving a white 2006 Dodge Charger down a street around 1 p.m., when he veered off the road and struck Noorduizen, who was walking on the east shoulder. He crashed the car into a pole, then got out.

Ralph Estevez, an employee of the dealership, who witnessed the event said, “She hit – she just flew forward. If the pole wasn’t there, that guy would have just kept running her over.”

“He freaked out, and started punching the top of his car and just started walking away. And we started following him, me and a few guys,” Estevez told WPTV-TV.

Colby abandoned his injured pregnant girlfriend and walked back to their home where the dispute began and took off on his white motorcycle. Later the same day, Colby turned himself into police when the guilt kicked in. He now faces charges of attempted murder and attempting to kill an unborn child by injury to the mother. Colby is being held on $500,000 bond, according to Daily Mail.

Meanwhile Noordhuizen suffered only minor injuries and has been treated at a nearby hospital. The baby was unharmed.

In April 2012, Colby was charged with aggravated battery causing great bodily harm when he ran over his brother, Daniel Colby, then 27, after the two got in argument. The hit sent Daniel flying and left him with a broken knee, according to Tampa Bay.


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