McDonald’s Gives Free Food To Customers Who Want To Pay With Lovin’

McDonald’s Gives Free Food To Customers Who Want To Pay With Lovin’

No matter how you feel about McDonald’s, their new campaign is sure to bring some smiles and spread the love.

The 2015 McDonald’s Super Bowl commercial shows that from February 2nd (the day after Super Bowl) through February 14th (Valentine’s Day), they will give random customers the chance to “Pay With Lovin’.”

This unique way that doesn’t involve cash or a card offers different options of payment, including a fist-bump to the cashier, hugging whoever you’re with, dancing, or calling up your mother and telling her you love her.

While customers are initially confused, their confusion soon turns to smiles along with everyone else in the fast-food restaurant.

One mother in the commercial, ordering a meal with her teenaged son, was asked to tell the cashier what she most loved about him. She answered, hugged him close, and left with a free order.

Winners don’t even need to be a paying customer. Each store will hand out 100 free orders during the two week period at pre-assigned times. The first person to walk through the door, even if they are only using the restroom, become a winner when they agree to show some love. The manager will provide two Extra Value Meal coupons instead. 

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