ISIS Burns Jordanian Pilot Alive

ISIS Burns Jordanian Pilot Alive

*UPDATE 2/3 11pm 

Government spokesman Mohammed al-Momani said that prisoners Sajida al-Rishawi and Ziad (Ziyad) al-Karbouli were executed by hanging before dawn Wednesday in retaliation to the gruesome video ISIS released showing Jordanian pilot Lt. Muath al Kasabeh being burned alive. 5 other individuals on death row could also be executed.

ISIS burns Jordanian pilot alive in the brutal Hollywood-style 22 minute, 34 second video titled titled “Healing of the Believers’ Chests” that was produced by the ISIS media group al-Furqan and released on Twitter on Tuesday. You can watch the original graphic video here.

The video shows Lt. Muath (Moaz) al Kasabeh reporting in a news-like fashion with a bruise under his left eye about Jordan’s participation in the U.S.-led coalition against the Islamic State. The video goes back and forth between shots of Kasabeh surrounded by fighters and shots of buildings and homes that have been bombed by the coalition. The final minutes show the pilot in a cage with flammable powder on the ground around and under him. A line of powder runs from the cage about 20 yards to a militant, who lights the powder. Kasabeh is quickly engulfed in the flames. 

More Jordanian pilots are threatened with death at the end of the clip, as the brutal video announces “100 gold dinars” (main Iraqi currency) for killing a “crusader pilot,” and released list of “wanted dead” pilots’ names.

Kasabeh was captured by ISIS in December after his plane crashed in ISIS territory while he was on an airstrike mission against them. Jordan’s government had been trying to secure the pilot’s release, agreeing last week to free Sajida al-Rishawi, an Iraqi woman facing execution for her role in the 2005 hotel bombings in Jordan. However, the deal fell through after Jordan requested proof the pilot was alive. When ISIS didn’t offer such proof, it executed Goto, who was forced to say that the pilot would die next. Jordanian state TV claims Kasabeh was killed on Jan. 3, exactly one month ago, meaning that ISIS would never have followed through on their side of the deal and release Goto and Kasabeh because they were already killed.The video marks the first time a high-profile hostage has been killed by fire, IntelCenter said in a statement. In the past, hostages have been beheaded or shot.“It shows how the group is continually evolving its methods to gain the maximum exposure for its actions,” the IntelCenter statement said.

A spokesman for the Jordanian armed forces, Mamdouh al-Ameri, said Lt Kasasbeh had “fallen as a martyr”.

“While the military forces mourn the martyr, they emphasize his blood will not be shed in vain. Our punishment and revenge will be as huge as the loss of the Jordanians.”

Jordan has announced that it will take “revenge” and execute al-Rishawi, along with other jihadists shortly. Some reports state that the execution will occur on Wednesday and others state that it will occur today “within hours.”

*WARNING: Graphic Image Below

ISIS burns Jordanian pilot alive (Image source: The Gateway Pundit)

ISIS burns Jordanian pilot alive (Image source: The Gateway Pundit)



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