Top 2015 Super Bowl Ads

Top 2015 Super Bowl Ads

Super Bowl advertisers on Sunday night sought to win over viewers in a variety of ways, leading to many top 2015 Super Bowl ads and some not-so-favorable ones.

McDonald’s called for loving, Coke demanded more positivity, Mountain Dew showed some awesome dance moves, and Nationwide told the story of a dead boy.

Some commercials subtly showed that they were trying to improve their brand image.

Carnival’s ad included a voiceover by John F. Kennedy speaking about the sea. The world’s largest cruise company was trying to boost the image of cruises with its first ever Super Bowl ad after several years of bad publicity from illnesses on ships and the Costa Concordia wreck in 2012.

McDonald’s Super Bowl commercial shows how the company is trying to associate its brand with the positive emotion of loving as it fights to hold onto customers as competition gets more intense.

Coca-Cola’s ad called for positivity in in the face of online negativity. The company’s “Make It Happy” ad is an addition to the company’s strategy of getting people to associate its soft drinks with happiness at a time when people increasingly see them as unhealthy.

Mountain Dew’s 2015 Super Bowl ad was a favorite that made people feel good and get happy. Watching it made many laugh, smile, dance, or all of the above.

The “Clash of Clans” mobile gaming ad for the Super Bowl broke the mold by bring on board actor Liam Neeson. Viewers greatly enjoyed watching Neeson adopting the serious persona of his character in the “Taken” series as he plans to seek revenge on one of his online-gaming rivals.

Toyota’s first ad made many feel inspired. It starred Paralympic medalist (and Amazing Race contestant) Amy Purdy snowboarding and dancing, set to a speech by Muhammad Ali that ends with: “I’ll show you how great I am.”

Some Super Bowl commercials tugged on some heart strings.

Budweiser’s “Lost Puppy” ad was a winner before it even aired during the Super Bowl, getting 18 million views on Youtube before the game. It was similar to last year’s “Puppy Love” Super Bowl ad, which was a Top 10 branded content video and Top 10 video overall on YouTube.

Toyota’s 2nd ad made many want to give some love to Dad.

And Nationwide’s didn’t fare well at all with the public because it was a bit too much of a downer…

GoDaddy decided not to run an ad that showed a dog being sold online so as not to offend dog lovers and animal rights groups. Instead, it showed a business owner toiling away instead of enjoying the Super Bowl. The company says it was created overnight from file footage and narrated by an agency art director who had never done voiceover work.

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