Woman Kicked Out Of McDonald’s For Bringing Her Therapy Kangaroo To Lunch

Woman Kicked Out Of McDonald’s For Bringing Her Therapy Kangaroo To Lunch

At 11:41am, Diana Moyer entered a McDonald’s in Beaver Dam, Wisconsin, with one of her 5 kangaroos, an 8-month-old baby kangaroo named Jimmy, who accompanied her in an infant car seat. She’s been taking Jimmy to the same McDonald’s for the past 3 months, but this time, someone complained.














Someone called the Beaver Dam police to complain about the fact that a woman brought a kangaroo into McDonald’s. When officers arrived, they asked her to leave the restaurant.

Moyer told police the kangaroo was a service animal whose use had been approved by a doctor, but police said that the customer told them that it wasn’t appropriate or safe to have a kangaroo in the restaurant. Moyer then left and no tickets were issued.

Moyer, who lives on a 70-acre farm with Jimmy, four other kangaroos, and assorted other animals, told the Daily Citizen that the marsupials are among the “most loving, trustworthy animals that I have ever had” and that authorities have fully inspected her farm to make sure it’s suitable for kangaroos.

She says she has taken Jimmy to that McDonald’s many times before, as well as to the movies and her church, and nobody else has complained. “I wish the person in McDonald’s would have just come and talked to me instead,” she says.

Larry Moyer admitted to WISN that his wife’s kangaroo was not a service animal, but instead a “therapy” animal, and said, “It’s a friend for her, a companion, and we have a little car seat and stroller.” Jimmy is particularly special to his wife, as the baby kangaroo has provided her with comfort and affection throughout her battle of cancer. Unlike service animals, therapy animals are not protected by disability laws.

Woman kicked out of McDonald's for bringing her therapy kangaroo

8-month-old baby kangaroo Jimmy and his owner Larry Moyer. (Image source: UTSanDiego)

This is not the first time Diane and her husband made headlines. They made headlines over 5 years ago when she and her husband when they drove to Florida with a different kangaroo and a goat and became stranded when their RV caught on fire.

Complaints about strange therapy pets being taken to public places have occurred in the past. Last year, an Iraq vet in Ohio was ordered to get rid of his 14 “therapy ducks.” Last November, a woman tried to board a plane with an emotional support pig before being kicked off the flight. Another woman has tried to claim a need for the companionship of various animals, including a turtle and a turkey, for the same reason.

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