Teen Finds Chicken Organ In KFC Lunch

Teen Finds Chicken Organ In KFC Lunch

A Stockton, California teen finds what he believes is a chicken’s brain in his KFC lunch. The Stockton High School student, Manual Cobarubies, told FOX40 that all he wants is his $4 that he spent on the lunch back. He tweeted at KFC in early February, only asking them for his lunch money back as a resolution.

Teen finds chicken organ in KFC lunch

The chicken organ Cobarubies found in his KFC lunch (Image source: Twitter/Fox40)

Cobarubies said he usually stops at KFC on Martin Luther King Boulevard in Stockton, but when he found what looked like a brain alongside his $4 meal of chicken breast, thighs, and corn, he ended up throwing the rest away because he got “grossed out.”

He said KFC did contact him but other than a quick sorry he did not hear back as of Monday morning. Then FOX40 tweeted at KFC, too, and called their corporate headquarters. Hours later, Cobarubies said he got a call from Richard Ramos, a KFC area consultant.

Ramos said the brain is actually a kidney or a gizzard and is safe to eat. Ramos added they will be working with their cooks to make sure they prepare the chicken correctly. The teen still doesn’t plan on eating any intestines anytime soon, but he did get what he wanted- his lunch money back. Plus, he also decided that he will probably start packing his own meals at home.

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