Dallas Police Chase Ends Dramatically

Dallas Police Chase Ends Dramatically

A high-speed police chase came to a dramatic end Wednesday in Dallas, Texas when suspect Artrai Alexander, 40, had carjacked a Dodge Challenger at a convenience store and sped away from police on the busy highway before badly rear-ending one car and side-swiping another, leading to some intense and unexpected confrontation.

In the video, the minivan that was sideswiped is showed, as the driver of the vehicle, Jessica Liesmann, now nicknamed “Mama Bear,” and her boyfriend Charles Cook got out of the car and promptly tackled and dragged the thief into the streets where they fought him to the ground before police officers arrived and arrested him.

Liesmann’s 13-year-old son, T.J., was also in the van and was taken by ambulance from the scene as a precaution. He was released from the hospital just before 6 p.m, according to NBCDFW.

“I saw him come behind me and hit me. I turned around and asked my son, ‘Are you okay?’ and he was like ‘Yeah’ – so I jumped out the car and was like, ‘What the hell is wrong with you? You’re in a school zone. What are you thinking?’ He didn’t say anything,” Liesmann said.

“I just hope he knows better and that the whole time he’s in jail thinking about what he did, from the beginning to the end,” Liesmann said. “I don’t know why he did it or what happened, but I hope it replays over and over and over and he feels really stupid for what he did.”

Dallas police chase comes to a dramatic end with Artrai Alexander (showed in picture) stole a Dodge Caravan

Artrai Alexander, the driver of the stolen Dodge Challenger (Image source: USA Today)

“Mama Bear” explained how angry she was and worried that something might have happened to her kid. She lost one of her son’s last year, who was only 4-years-old, because of a health condition.

T.J. also was interviewed, and he said, “My mom, she did put him in his place, and I’m glad that he’s in jail ’cause, to be honest, when I was in the car, I thought I died.”

A handgun was recovered from the stolen Challenger, police said.

“If he had a gun, I just thank God that he didn’t pull it out, ’cause I could’ve easily been shot and she could’ve easily been shot,” Liesmann’s boyfriend Cook said.

Dallas police said Alexander will be charged with aggravated robbery and evading arrest.

According to The Dallas Morning News, a local dealership gave the Liesmanns a new car for free to replace the family’s 2005 Nissan Quest damaged in Wednesday’s crash. James Seale, the general manager at Southwest Kia in Mesquite, said,  “I felt sorry for her because of what has happened to her family. I want something good to happen for her.”

Given her choice of three new Kias, Jessica Liesmann picked a gray Sedona.

“My kids are going to freak when I drive up in this,” she said at Southwest Kia in Mesquite.

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