Obama Spent The Weekend Golfing Right After ISIS Beheaded 21 Christians In Libya

Obama Spent The Weekend Golfing Right After ISIS Beheaded 21 Christians In Libya

President Obama took a 3-day golf vacation in Palm Springs, California this past weekend, only 24 hours after ISIS beheaded 21 Christians on a beach in Libya.

He arrived there Saturday and played at the Sunnylands retreat in Rancho Mirage, where he has visited now four times since 2013, at the taxpayers’ expense.

Obama golfed for the 3rd time this year and the 216th time of his presidency with three childhood friends – Bobby Titcomb and Greg Orme, who flew in from Hawaii, and Marty Nesbitt, who is from Chicago. Obama attended the prestigious Punahou School with the three when the president was growing up in Hawaii. The four played basketball, bodysurfed, drank beer and smoked marijuana together, according to The Press Enterprise.

This golfing trip was also his 4th trip to Riverside County in less than 2 years. CBS’s Mark Knoller, who keeps track of the president’s vacations, was quoted last month as saying Obama has played about 1,000 hours of golf since becoming president.


The video of the beheadings was released on Sunday, and instead of realizing at least then that he should be taking care of business in Washington D.C. (or pretending to), he decided to play golf for a second day in a row at a heavily-water-consuming billionaire-owned golf course after he spoke in Fresno, CA about the importance of ‘shared sacrifice’ in order to battle the state’s ‘worst water shortage in decades’. So much hypocrisy, it’s mind boggling.

Meanwhile, Obama spokesman Josh Earnest, a mouthpiece who wouldn’t Islamic terrorists, “Islamic terrorists,” refused to call the 21 beheaded victims Christians, but would only refer to them as “Egyptian citizens” and “innocents.” If Obama was ruling during the time of Hitler, the Holocaust and World War II, he probably would have been afraid to use the term “Nazi,” fearing that it may offend Germans. 

While Obama was out playing golf in the Valley and having people speak for him from Washington D.C. about how “disgusted” they are with ISIS, Michelle Obama and her daughters were allegedly skiing in Aspen, Colorado. Michelle and the girls and apparently Michelle’s mother as well will also be taking another trip to Japan in March to visit Tokyo and Kyoto.

Oh yeah, and Egypt decided to take action and fight back against the terror group by sending out impromptu airstrikes in Libya, killing dozens of Islamic State militants, in response to the beheadings of their citizens. Hmm… what did Obama do when Americans were beheaded? Right, nothing.

Our hard-working president left Palm Springs on Monday to “get back to work.”

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