Groom Has Seizure At Wedding, Bride Marries Guest Instead

Groom Has Seizure At Wedding, Bride Marries Guest Instead

The traditional Indian wedding of Jugal Kishore, 25, of Moradabad, India, and his bride-to-be, 23-year-old Indira, from Rampur was going just fine up until the Varmala ceremony, where the couple exchanges garlands.

As Kishore reached his arms out to place the garland on Indira, Kishore had an epileptic seizure and fell to the ground before being rushed to a doctor by his relatives, the Times of India reported.

Indira, angry that Kishore’s family didn’t tell her about his medical condition, announced to the guests that she would happily marry another guest at the same ceremony.

Harpal Singh, the bride’s sister’s brother-in-law, dressed in jeans and a leather jacket, was caught off guard but after hesitating for a moment, he agreed to marry her on the spot.

When Kishore was feeling better, he returned to the wedding, but was surprised to see that his bride-to-be had married another man.

Kishore begged her to take him back, saying that he would not be able to face friends and neighbors if he returned without her. His relatives also stood by Kishore, as “spoons, plates and dishes became weapons as wedding guests tried to force the bride to change her mind,” but Indira stood firm in her decision.

Police eventually detained a few guests, but a police officer in Rampur said that “both families have amicably resolved the matter” after elders intervened.

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