Dad Teaches Son A Lesson About Lying

Dad Teaches Son A Lesson About Lying

A Youtube video that quickly went viral after being posted on Sunday shows a dad teaching his son a valuable lesson about why it’s never good to lie, and clearly, his message got through to the young boy.

In the clip, the dad films his son’s reaction as they drive in the car and the dad tells his son that he’s going to beat someone up. It’s quickly revealed that the little boy appears to have lied about being tormented by another kid, as he tells his dad, “I can’t believe I’m telling you this, but I was just joking.”

The dad already suspected the lie, and he’s prepared to teach his son a lesson he won’t soon forget.

In response to his son admitting his lie, the dad keeps driving despite his son’s protests, remaining adamant that they are still going to go to the kid’s house and fight him and his family by punching and “kicking them in the head.”

“We’re gonna beat him up, we’re gonna beat his dad up and we’re gonna beat his grandpa up too!” the dad says, instructing the son on how he’s supposed to participate in the upcoming fight. “We’re gonna beat the whole freaking family up, alright, you ready?”

The shocked boy becomes progressively more uncomfortable when his dad speaks more violently. The kid blurts out, “I don’t want to be a bad guy!” after his dad tells him that they’re going to go home and “borrow uncle’s gun.” The father adds that “it’s too late” and “grandpa has a bow and arrow, too.”

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