Teen Stops To Help Elderly Man With Walker Shovel Snow

Teen Stops To Help Elderly Man With Walker Shovel Snow

Teresa Adams and her son Tommy were driving home from a DMV near Richmond, Virginia when they drove past an older man who was struggling to shovel snow from his driveway while holding his walker that he uses to get around, according to WTVR CBS 6 News.

“Tommy said ‘Mamma stop the car,'” his mother, Teresa Adams, said. “I got scared and asked, ‘What’s wrong?'”

Tommy said, “There’s an older man with a walker shoveling snow- I’ll help him out.”

The high school senior approached the man and asked him for the snow shovel. While the man looked surprised, he gladly accepted the offer. Tommy said, “He was relieved; he looked tired. I told him to get back into his car because it was cold. Other people who saw him in the snow should have had the decency to stop.”

Teresa said that she was so proud that she started to cry. She took a picture of her son’s good deed and shared it on Facebook.

Teen stops to help elderly man with walker shovel snow.

(Image source: Teresa Adams/Facebook)

Tommy said the snow was deep because a plow had driven by and built up the snow on the man’s driveway. It took him more than 15 minutes to clear it for the man.

Tommy said that the man told him “God bless you, the world needs more people like you.”

“I try to do good for the elderly because one day I may need help too,” Tommy said.

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