Net Neutrality Approved

Net Neutrality Approved

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) approved the policy known as net neutrality by a 3-2 vote (Democrats are the 3 and Republicans are the 2) at its Thursday meeting, which forces Internet service providers to enable access to all content and applications at the same speed, regardless of what the users are paying the companies.

It’s sounds like a really nice thing- freedom of internet. Who doesn’t want that? But what most websites fail to explain regarding net neutrality is that by the government passing the law, it now has control of the internet. So, while the government is making it look like they are protecting the consumers, the government can now publish news based on what they want people to see, making it so there’s not really freedom at all. It’s all a government ploy to be able to take control. It’s already happening in Canada. Soon, everyone will have to get permission by the government to put stuff on the TV or radio.

Like what one Youtube commenter suggested, “What this argument boils down to is trust. If you trust the government more that private corporation, you’ll support net neutrality. If you trust private corporations more than the government, you’ll be opposed to it.”

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