Elephants Hold Up Tipped Truck From Falling Into Louisiana Ditch

Elephants Hold Up Tipped Truck From Falling Into Louisiana Ditch

The Natchitoches Parish Sheriff’s Office in Louisiana said deputies responded about 7:03 a.m. Tuesday to a report of a stranded tractor-trailer on Interstate 49. When they arrived, they found that the truck had pulled onto a muddy shoulder on the highway and ended up getting stuck halfway through its trip.

But the real surprise was when they realized that 2 elephants were what was keeping the 18-wheeler from falling in a ditch.

Elephants hold up tipped truck

Elephants holding up tipping tractor-trailer (Image source: UPI)

The truck was carrying 3 Shrine Circus elephants from New Orleans, where they performed during the weekend, to Frisco, Texas, where they are scheduled to perform Wednesday through Saturday. A nearby tow truck arrived to let the third elephant out of the truck to help out and all work together to pull the truck out of the mud. No citations were issued.

While some are hailing the elephants as heroes, others, after realizing they are part of an animal circus notorious for its abuse of elephants, say that the handlers use painful bullhooks to force them to behave that way. Some have even looked closely at the pictures and noticed the tow truck driver to use the bullhook to direct the elephants to continue to hold up the truck.

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