Family Puts Kids In Trunk Of Car At Cici’s Pizza

Family Puts Kids In Trunk Of Car At Cici’s Pizza

A viral video posted to Facebook and Youtube showing a family getting into a car has gotten the attention of the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office and the Florida Department of Children and Families and outraged parents everywhere.

The cellphone video shot by Tawana Robinson outside of a Cici’s Pizza in the Northside neighborhood of Jacksonville, Florida, shows several people standing around the back of a white sedan with an open trunk. At least a couple of children were seen getting into the trunk. At one point after it was shut, a male adult turned toward the restaurant and raised his arms, suggesting he knew he was being filmed. The video does not include footage of the five adults getting back into the car or driving away.

“Must watch!!! I thought I was seeing this wrong while I’m in Ci Ci’s pizza and this car rolled up parked and 4 people got out the trunk!” Robinson wrote on Facebook. “So I sat, ate and waited for them to leave and NO my eyes wasn’t deceiving me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Jacksonville Florida yall!!!!!!!!!!!”

From inside a restaurant on the Northside, customers captured disturbing video of children climbing into the trunk of a car. Then, adults shut them inside.

“They is really putting all of them in the trunk so all of them can fit in the car,” the woman, Tawana Robinson, said in the video recording.

“They looking to see if anybody is recording them. Yeah we’re recording, y’all,” she added later, laughing.

Robinson said the adults in that group went back into a restaurant and made threats after they realized they were being recorded.

“She said ‘you picked the right one today’ meaning like she was going to do something,” said Robinson.

She said witnesses were too scared to call police.

“No one wanted to be seen dialing numbers on the cellphone,” Robinson told WJXT-TV.

The store owner of the particular Cici’s Pizza, Saravana Kabalan, said that the family entered the establishment only to leave a few moments later after they realized they couldn’t afford the buffet.

“‘I would be glad to offer you a discount, we would love for you to stay and dine in’ and they said ‘no, no, no, we are leaving, we’ll go somewhere else’ and they left,” Kabalan said.

The people in the video have still not been identified and police are still searching for them.

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