Indiana Pizzeria Received Over $550,000 In Donations And Kind Unexpected Messages

Indiana Pizzeria Received Over $550,000 In Donations And Kind Unexpected Messages


The GoFundMe fundraiser for Memories Pizza concluded Friday evening, raising a grand total of $842,387 after receiving a total of 29,160 donations. They are unsure when they will re-open their doors, but more details will be released after they meet with their financial advisor.


When asked by local press the hypothetical question of whether or not they’d prefer to have their family owned business, Memories Pizza, cater a gay wedding, the owner said “no” citing their own religious beliefs as the reason.

Rather than allowing the O’Connor family to simply have their opinion, which they were asked to give, outraged people began a campaign to destroy this small business in the midwest state of Indiana. The pizzeria doesn’t even do catering in the first place, and the amount of hate directed at the small family-owned business has forced them to close their doors after days of having no customers.

GoFundMe page was set up by Lawrence Jones, a contributor for TheBlaze TV’s “Dana,” with a goal of $25,000 in order to allow them to reopen their doors.

In only 1 day, an overwhelming amount of people have raised their voices and opened their wallets in support of the family-owned business, raising over $550,000 so far.

Among all of the donations were a few messages, coupled with donations, that have warmed hearts.

A woman, who identified herself as Courtney Hoffman, donated $20 and wrote:

“As a member of the gay community, I would like to apologize for the mean spirited attacks on you and your business. I know many gay individuals who fully support your right to stand up for your beliefs and run your business according to those beliefs. We are outraged at the level of hate and intolerance that has been directed at you and I sincerely hope that you are able to rebuild.”

The reaction to her donation was overwhelmingly positive:

Along with Hoffman, another member of the gay community spoke out in support of Memories Pizza. “Buz Smith” donated $250 to the pizzeria and included the following message:

GoFund Me

GoFund Me

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