A Guy With A Hidden Camera Goes Into A Muslim Bakery To Order A Gay Wedding Cake

A Guy With A Hidden Camera Goes Into A Muslim Bakery To Order A Gay Wedding Cake

This week has been all about a Christian pizzeria, Memories Pizza, in Indiana being bashed and hated on for saying that, because of their religious beliefs, they wouldn’t cater a gay wedding, if they even offered catering at all. While Christian businesses have been attacked for quite some time now for accepting to do business with homosexuals but refusing to be part of their gay weddings, the new Indiana’s Religious Freedom Restoration Act passing has created even more recent drama.

One Youtube comedian and ex-Fox News contributor, Steven Crowder, reminds us that Christianity isn’t the only religion that considers homosexuality sinful. Crowder travels to Dearborn, Michigan, the first American city to fully implement Sharia Law, to pose as an “super” gay man and ask Muslim bakery owners if they would bake a wedding cake for a gay couple.

The Muslim bakeries, as predicted, politely refused to take part of “Ben and Steven’s” wedding and directed them elsewhere, including a Kroger. Crowder went to multiple Muslim bakeries to ask the same request each time, only to be turned down by each and every one of them, although Crowder mentioned that “many of the Muslim bakeries were kind enough and willing to service, but many of them were not.”

Crowder noted that the media were “deliberately trying to set the narrative of mean, hateful Christians vs. poor, innocent gay people who are having their rights completely trampled.” Meanwhile, he said, gay people were being killed in “virtually every Muslim country” around the world, but the media is too busy reporting on the possibility of anti-gay discrimination by Christians to notice they were promoting discrimination and hate against Christians with biased reporting.

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