Awesome Cardboard Fort Is The Hit Of The City But It Won’t Be Up For Long

Awesome Cardboard Fort Is The Hit Of The City But It Won’t Be Up For Long

The Utah family of four — Jeremy Trentelman and his wife Dee, along with their toddlers Max, 3, and Story, 2 — and some friends decided to get creative last week and use a pile of cardboard boxes to build a front-yard fort complete with towers, trap doors, and tunnels.

The family enjoyed the cardboard contraption and they were surprised when they saw a letter from the city upon returning home from work telling them the cardboard castle violated the city code prohibiting waste materials or junk to be stored on the property.

In the notification Trentelman was told he had 15 days to get the boxes off his lawn or they will be fined $125.

Irate upon receiving the city notice, Trentelman posted his frustrations on Facebook.

ARE YOU FREAKIN KIDDIN ME!!!?!We build a completely awesome box castle in our front yard for our our kids to play in…

Posted by Jeremy Trentelman Aifd on Wednesday, April 1, 2015

People quickly jumped to defend the Trentelman’s cardboard fort, some even encouraging others to build cardboard forts on their front lawns. A Facebook page was started called, “Support Jeremy Trentelman! Cardboard Fort Campaign in Ogden.” The 13-day event is dedicated to organizing citizens to “stand in solidarity with Jeremy Trentelman by building cardboard forts in all the front yards throughout the entire city of Ogden.”

The Trentelmans’ say none of their neighbors have complained to them about the fort and several of his neighbors have commented on how amazing the fort is as well.

“I think it’s awesome. It’s great what they’re doing for their kids. I think they should add on to it,” neighbor Curtis Price told 2News in support of the fort.

Trentelman is surprised with so many other code enforcement violations in the city, that his spot would be noticed. The same day another neighbor was cited because they had temporarily parked their car on their lawn to load some yard clippings.

Despite having to remove the cool contraption from his yard, Trentelman is hoping to pass it along to another family. “It’d be great if it continues to live in another home,” he added. “Just because of the stupidity of the situation.”

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