A Homeowner With A Samurai Sword Slashed Up Armed Burglars

A Homeowner With A Samurai Sword Slashed Up Armed Burglars

A homeowner in Cordoba, Argentina, defended his house against four armed burglars Friday night, the Mendoza Post and Daily Mail reported.

Dias Costa, 49, and his wife Christina, 48, were asleep when the three men, who were armed with two pistols, broke in at around 3:30am.  The homeowner decided to use a katana, which is a Japanese samurai sword, against the burglars.

A homeowner with a samurai sword slashed up armed burglars

A katana (not the one used in the fight) (Image source: Samurai Swords For Sale)

Costa slashed the face, arms, and necks of the thieves, who are currently all in intensive care after fleeing in a Peugeot 206 car parked outside with a female accomplice at the wheel. The burglars crashed their car into a tree and police found them after following the trail of blood and storming a house in the area, which was owned by the family of one of the robbers.

The crooks only managed to steal the equivalent of 3,600 pesos ($236) in the panic, which was all returned to Costa once they were arrested after the crash.

*Warning: Graphic content below

Samurai sword slashed up armed burglars who fled in this car

The thieves’ crashed car. (Image source: mirror.co.uk)

To see more graphic photos, go to Knowledge Glue.

Police initially arrested two men and one woman, but another man who hid was forced to come back to hospital the next day due to serious sword injuries.

The Costa family have moved in with relatives as they fear they might be targeted in revenge attacks.

The burglary victims have not been questioned yet because they are “still in a state of shock.”

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