Lawyer Dropped A Large Wad Of Cash At Chick-Fil-A And Was Surprised What Happened When It Was Found

Lawyer Dropped A Large Wad Of Cash At Chick-Fil-A And Was Surprised What Happened When It Was Found

Chick-fil-A makes it in the news again for all the right reasons.

On April 1, security cameras in a Chick-fil-A restaurant in Decatur, Georgia show a man sitting at table at the restaurant eating breakfast and hundreds of dollars in cash falling to the floor.

Most people who would find that much cash would take it without even considering to find its rightful owner, but not one Chick-fil-A employee.

While many people may keep the cash, Jacob King, an honest and young employee, came across the wad of green left on the restaurant’s floor after 14 minutes of it being untouched in the busy restaurant. King immediately thought to find the person who dropped it and was worried that someone may be missing that much money.

“You only really have two ways to go about things,” King said, “there’s the right way and there’s every other way. And that’s pretty much all there is to it.”

On Friday, King solved the mystery. It turns out the man who dropped the cash is named Victor Long, an Atlanta attorney who practices civil rights law, according to WRIC. The two met in the same restaurant, where King immediately handed Long the cash with a smile and Long responded, “Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

Long said when he arrived at his bank and realized that he lost the money, which was a large part of the $1,200 bank deposit he was about to make for his business, he didn’t think to retrace his step because he made so many stops that day and he just figured that he would never see it again. 

Long said, “I had gone to so many places that day, I didn’t even think about backtracking, because I figured anybody who found the money, the way people need things now, it probably never was going to come back.”

Long said that the least he had hoped for was for the person who found it to have really needed it.

“I hoped that whoever got the money would need it. And I was satisfied with that. And I thought that if someone who found it needed it, it would be a blessing to me,” Long said.

King brought the money up front to the manager. The restaurant’s operator, John Crays, tried relentlessly to identify and find the man who’d dropped it, showing customers a photo of him taken from the video, hoping someone would know him.

Victor Long and Jacob King chatted for several minutes, and Long thanked King again as he handed him a sealed envelope. And Long told King that he and his wife wanted King and his mother to be their guests at church and Sunday dinner. They shook hands again, then Long got in line, smiling and chatting with the employees behind the counter, ordering a late lunch at his favorite restaurant.

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