Conservative David Cameron Wins British Election By A Landslide

Conservative David Cameron Wins British Election By A Landslide

David Cameron has won a second term as Prime Minister of England to represent the Conservative Party- which is nearly the opposite of the Conservative Party in the U.S. He won by an overwhelming majority over the Labour Party and Liberal Democrats, attaining 60% of the total votes and defying pre-election polls. He called his election triumph “the sweetest victory of all.”

Cameron won 331 out of the 650 seats, while Ed Miliband from the Labour Party won 232 seats, Nicola Sturgeon from the Scottish National Party won 56 seats, and Nick Clegg from the Liberal Democrats won 8 seats.

The Liberal Democrats suffered its worst-ever defeat as they dropped from 57 seats to 8, while the Scottish National Party has now overtaken the Liberal Democrats to become the U.K.’s third-largest political party in Westminster.

Miliband of the Labour Party and Clegg of the Liberal Democrats resigned as party leaders. On the right, UK Independence Party leader Nigel Farage only won 1 seat and resigned as party leader as well after promising to resign if he lost the race.

The Conservatives’ coalition partner, the Liberal Democrats, all but collapsed after losing 47 seats. The resounding victory left Cameron and his party with a slim majority in the 650-seat House of Commons, meaning he won’t need to form a coalition government and now can implement the party’s full agenda of cutting government, entitlements and taxes.

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