U.S. Military Bases Raise Security Level Over Growing ISIS Threat

U.S. Military Bases Raise Security Level Over Growing ISIS Threat

Military bases and installations in the United States have been ordered to raise their force protection condition status to Bravo (FPCON Bravo) due to general concerns about ISIS related threats, but not because of any specific threat or plot.

It’s uncommon for security levels to be raised past Alpha, which is standard for U.S. military bases. The last time security levels were raised to Bravo was on the 10th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. The highest levels of force protection are Charlie, then Delta.

It reached “Delta,” its highest level, on Sept. 11, 2001, CNN reported.

military bases raise security level

(Image source: Fox6now)

U.S. Northern Command’s Admiral William Gortney ordered the increase in the force protection, which will result in some visible increases in security, though some of the measures will be implemented randomly and be unobtrusive, Pentagon spokesman Army Col. Steve Warren said.

The extra measures were not immediately specified but the increased security checks can include inspection of every vehicle entering a military base, which may create traffic jams and require added security personnel and paying overtime rates for officers.

It is unclear how long the order to raise the force protection condition will remain in effect.

U.S. military bases raised their threat alert levels on Thursday night, days after 2 gunmen were killed when they opened fire outside a Muhammad cartoon contest in Garland, Texas. ISIS claimed responsibility for the attack, though federal officials have not confirmed the link. 

The declaration came hours after FBI Director James Comey suggested there could be thousands of online supporters of the Islamic State in the U.S., and after ISIS released a message Wednesday claiming that they have 71 “trained” jihadists prepared to attack within the United States.

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