ISIS Twitter Users Threaten Imminent Terror Attack on London Using Hashtag #LondonAttack On Twitter

ISIS Twitter Users Threaten Imminent Terror Attack on London Using Hashtag #LondonAttack On Twitter

It is uncertain the validity of the threats made by ISIS-following Twitter users, but jihadists identifying themselves with the terror group ISIS are boldly tweeting about plans to attack yet another major western city under the Twitter hashtag #LondonAttack.

Images and threats posted to the social network include photographs of guns and suicide belts, with one user named ‘Abu Aiman Al kinyi’  warning, “Bismillah we are coming #londonattack.”

Twitter user ‘@the3j353r’ made the observation that one of the assailants who conducted the terrorist attack in Garland, Texas during the “Draw Mohammad” contest used the hashtag #TexasAttack before the attempted shooting took place.

InfoWars, while known to be associated with conspiracy theories, showed several snapshots of the shocking tweets “jihadists” have posted on Twitter regarding their so-called planned terrorist attack on London before Twitter shut down their accounts.


“Just learnt how to make suicide belt by my brother @time4dugma_ Will be using in #LondonAttack,” states another shocking tweet.

A Twitter user sent out a tweet that warns Muslims to stay away from the Covent Garden area, a location in the West End of London popular with shoppers and tourists.

110515tweet4 (1)

Another tweet directly names Floral St, Covent Garden as the target.


Others tweets predict that the Paddington Underground Station, police stations, and government buildings may be targeted by jihadists in London shortly.







ISIS sympathizers may also be promising to carry out a cyber attacked dubbed “Message to America” against a number of targets this afternoon at 2pm EST.

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