Second Nepal Earthquake Strikes, Death Toll Over 100

Second Nepal Earthquake Strikes, Death Toll Over 100

*UPDATE* 5/15 2pm EST

The death toll from Nepal’s second major earthquake in less than three weeks climbed Friday to 117, according to Nepal’s Home Ministry.

The death toll continues to rise as rescue and relief teams struggle to reach the remote areas affected by Tuesday’s earthquake.

Nepal needs desperately to help provide enough food, water, and medical care for those struggling to stay alive. Some of the best charities to donate to who are currently providing relief support on the ground in Nepal now are International Medical Corps, Mercy Corps, and Global Giving. Many animals were injured in the earthquake, too, and World Vets are on the ground treating them right now and accepting online donations.

*UPDATE* 5/12 11pm EST

At least 65 people have died in Nepal from Tuesday’s magnitude-7.3 earthquake, the Nepali government said Wednesday. The number of people injured now stands at 1,926, said Nepalese Home Ministry spokesman Laxmi Prasad Dhakal.

Nepal has been hit by another large earthquakes since the 7.8 quake that left over 8,000 people dead and nearly 18,000 injured a little over two weeks ago.

The Nepalese government’s National Emergency Operation Centre has announced the death toll from the second quake so far is at 37, with 1129 injured.

Effects of the second Nepal earthquake

Nepalese patients are carried after a hospital building as the effects of the second major Nepal earthquake hits the country. (Photo: AFP)

The latest quake struck at 12:35 p.m. Nepali time and was centered about 47 miles (76 km) east of Kathmandu, in a rural area close to the Chinese border and Mount Everest.

It had a magnitude of 7.3 compared to the 7.8 magnitude quake that struck the country on April 25th.

Effects of the second Nepal earthquake

A five storyy building that collapsed in Sallaghari in the Bhaktapur district in Kathmandu. (Image source: The Guardian)

Today’s earthquake was likely cause by the changes to fault boundaries which occurred after last month’s tremor, according to BBC World. The US Geological Survey in fact predicted that there was a 1 in 200 chance a 7 – 7.8 magnitude earthquake would happen this week. There has been 11 aftershocks, all above 4.0 on the Richter scale, since the main quake struck Nepal around lunchtime today.

Recent reports are saying that a U.S Marine Corps helicopter that was providing assistance is missing. Six U.S. Marines and two Nepalese aboard at the time (Updated: It used to be unconfirmed how many people were on board). *UPDATE* The helicopter was found and there were no survivors.

If you want to help victims of the earthquake, you can donate to many reputable sources, including UNICEF and Red Cross.

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