Police In This California Town Are Pulling Kids Over To Give Them ‘Positive Tickets’

Police In This California Town Are Pulling Kids Over To Give Them ‘Positive Tickets’

In Santa Barbara County in California, the local police department of the city Lompoc is conducting what’s known as “positive ticketing.”

Police officers who see some good behavior, either on or off the road, will “casually contact the person and explain the program” and then give them a voucher for a free one topping personal pizza at Wild West Pizza.

Wild West Pizza owner Dave Goldy approached the police department with the idea to hand out pizza coupons instead of only tickets for some kind of crime committed. 

“We thought it would be a good thing for kids to look at the police as not someone they need to fear but someone that is there to lookout and to help them,” said Dave Goldy, owner of Wild West Pizza, according to WXYZ-TV.

Goldy has already seen some happy recipients. “I was here for one of them. A six or seven-year-old kid.” he began. “He was like super happy, and thought that was like the coolest thing in the world.”

Recently a young skateboarder was caught practicing safe skateboarding by wearing his helmet. He was caught by Officer…

Posted by Lompoc Police Department on Wednesday, May 6, 2015

The police chief says he hopes the program will encourage more good behavior and build better relationships between the department and the community.

Positive ticketing started in Canada five years ago and has only recently started in America. Kids are the focus of the program but adults may find themselves stopped for good behavior as well.

A news release about the program stated that the police hope to build a good rapport with young people in their community by “using a less authoritative approach.”

“Hopefully it will give kids a chance to be more approachable to us, communicate with us, and talk to us now, as well as down the road,” the news release stated. “And with such an appealing offer of a great tasting pizza, the city’s young people may start seeking out police officers in hopes of getting caught.”

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