Interview With Muslims In America Shows The True Side Of ‘Moderate Islam’

Interview With Muslims In America Shows The True Side Of ‘Moderate Islam’

Filmmaker Ami Horowitz recently walked around the Cedar-Riverside neighborhood in Minneapolis, Minnesota, asking Muslims about Shariah law, their views on insults to the Prophet Muhammad, and whether they would prefer to live in America or a Muslim country like Saudi Arabia or Somalia.

Horowitz explained to Sean Hannity that the vast majority of the people he spoke with were either born in the U.S. or immigrated here legally. 

Horowitz stated that he made the video to “find out what is going on” in Minneapolis after discovering dozens of individuals leaving to join terror groups abroad.

“Over the past 12 months, we’ve had over a dozen terrorist attacks here in the United States,” Horowitz said. “In Minnesota in particular, there have been maybe 20 to 40 Minneapolis-based Muslims who have gone to fight for ISIS or al-Shabaab.”

In the start of the interview, several Muslims expressed their gratitude to be able to live in America, where they have “no problem” being a Muslim.

However, when Horowitz asked the views on living under U.S. law versus Shariah law, numerous interviewees in the edited video said they’d prefer the latter, with one man proclaiming, “I’m a Muslim. I prefer Shariah law.”

When the questioning shifted to the depicting the Prophet Muhammad in cartoons, some people made clear that they believe it should be illegal in America for anyone to insult the prophet, saying that it would be “better” and making it illegal would “stop, you know, aggression.” 

The Muslims that were interviewed also said that they “understand totally where they’re coming from” when Horowitz asked them if they “understand the motivation behind the people then who strike out violently against people who depict the Prophet Muhammad.” 

The Muslims furthermore admitted that they believe people deserved to be killed for depicting Muhammad, with one adding, “every action has a consequence.”

Horowitz finished the interview by asking the Muslims if they would rather live in America or another Muslim country. “I’d rather live in a Muslim country with my people,” one man admitted, with others offering up similar sentiment.

(Image source: TheBlaze / Youtube)

(Image source: TheBlaze / Youtube)

Horowitz captured attention late last year when he conducted a social experiment involving an Islamic State flag and an Israeli flag on the University of California, Berkeley campus.

First, he waved an ISIS flag while shouting statements supportive of the terrorist group and critical of the United States. He then switched to the flag of Israel and condemned Hamas, also a terrorist group.

The Islamic State flag demonstration appeared to result in essentially no confrontations, according to the footage published. One person even told Horowitz “good luck” and others seemingly expressed support for his cause.

However, when he began waving the Israeli flag, he was met almost immediately with angry students who accused the Jewish state of being “killers,” tyrannical and guilty of genocide.

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