Apple Watch Pool Prank May Wage A Brother Prank War

Apple Watch Pool Prank May Wage A Brother Prank War

The popular #AppleWatchPoolPrank on Twitter is the result of a guy’s (understandably) precious attitude to his new Apple Watch.

Australian YouTuber Troye Sivan, who has over 3 million subscribers, joined forces with his mom to trick his little brother who had been “obsessively waiting” for the arrival of his new watch.

Clearly wanting to take advantage of his sibling’s vulnerability, Sivan waited for the box to arrive and replaced the expensive watch with fruit, including a few real apples for the irony. 

As Sivan sees his little brother bound up the stairs to open the cardboard box, which he thinks contains the watch, Sivan makes a run for the package, grabs it and ‘accidentally’ drops into their pool.

Although the Apple Watch is advertised as water-resistant, Sivan’s brother still feared for the life of his new gadget.

Only time will tell if this prank ensures a prank war between the brothers after pretending that all that money spent on a new Apple Watch, which can cost anywhere between $349 and $17,000, was flushed down the toilet (or rather, thrown in the pool).

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