Explosives Found After Gunmen Open Fire On Dallas Police Outside Headquarters

Explosives Found After Gunmen Open Fire On Dallas Police Outside Headquarters

*UPDATE* 12pm ET

A lone gunman, self-identified as 50 year-old James Boulware — not multiple gunmen as originally believed — opened fire at the Dallas police headquarters early Saturday, leading to a tense standoff that continued through the morning

The gunman has been killed by SWAT team sniper, authorities say.

The suspect was shot through the front windshield of the van at 5 a.m. local time. 

Brown told reporters, “Since that time, we have sent the bomb tech robot, that has a camera, to try and confirm whether the suspect is deceased.”

Brown said police worked closely with the FBI and did not approach the vehicle until they confirmed it is not rigged with explosives.

Witnesses say multiple gunmen with automatic weapons opened fire on officers outside Dallas Police headquarters early Saturday morning, before one man fled the scene being chased by police in what witnesses described as an armored van, according to Dallas Police Chief David Brown.

The shootout began about 12:30 a.m. Saturday when when the suspects parked in front of the building located south of downtown and began firing, Brown said.

He said at least one of the suspects fled the scene in a van that rammed a police cruiser before leading police on a chase that ended in an ongoing standoff at a Jack-In-The-Box restaurant parking lot in Hutchins, Texas about 10 miles away, where additional gunfire was exchanged.

Squad cars were also hit by gunfire, and officers returned fire, but there has been no word on the condition of the suspects.

Brown said, based on witness accounts, as many as four suspects may have been involved in the original shooting, including some who may have been strategically positioned at elevated positions.

However, police now believe there is only one suspect, and not as many as four as witnesses originally suggested.

Police also found at least four suspicious packages– including at least one that contained pipe bombs — around the department’s downtown building. One of the bags exploded when an ordinance robot attempted to move it, but the robot is still functional.

The remaining bags have been cleared and explosives have been detonated by bomb squad technicians. No injuries have been reported.

Brown said negotiations with that suspect and the SWAT unit are ongoing, and police were evacuating nearby residents as a precaution.

No motive for the shooting has been established, although Brown said the suspect driving the van, who identified himself as James Boulware, has told officers that he blames police for losing custody of his son and “accusing him of being a terrorist,” and he told the cops that he was going to blow them up. 

These gunmen open fire on Dallas police

James Boulware (Image source: Paris, Texas Police)

During his press conference, Brown reiterated that police cannot confirm that Boulware is the person that they are speaking with. He did, however, confirm that “the name had been previously handled by police for family violence”.

There is still an active investigation in Dallas regarding the attack that police have not called “terrorism” yet. As of right now, I-45 remains shut down in the area of the standoff.

Dallas police are moving in around the van, local CBS reporter Arezow Doost reports.

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