Gunman Captured After Killing 9 In Charleston, South Carolina Church Mass Shooting

Gunman Captured After Killing 9 In Charleston, South Carolina Church Mass Shooting

*UPDATE* 5:11 p.m. EST on Thursday

3 people survived the attack, according to The Guardian. All 9 victims have been identified by the coroner. 

The victims are: Cynthia Hurd, 54, Susie Jackson, 87, Ethel Lance, 70, Rev DePayne Middleton-Doctor, 49, Hon Rev Clementa Pinckney, 41, Tywanza Sanders, 26, Rev Sharonda Singleton, 45, Myra Thompson, 59, and Rev Daniel Simmons Snr, 74 – (Only victim to die in hospital, at MUSC)

The Shelby Starr has identified the florist who reportedly led police to Dylann Roof. Debbie Dills was running “a little late” to work at Frady’s Florist this morning, when she spotted Roof from her car.

Here are some pictures of Dylann Roof being detained.

*UPDATE* 11:48 a.m. EST on Thursday

According to WCCB in Charlotte, investigators say police stopped Roof in Shelby, North Carolina at a traffic stop on Interstate 74 and Plato Lee Road, just after 11 a.m. following a tip from the public.

The FBI has confirmed the Charleston church shooting suspect has been arrested and taken into custody.

Nine were killed Wednesday night after a gunman walked into a historic black church and opened fire in Charleston, South Carolina, officials said.

The gunman remains at large, but he has been identified as 21-year-old Dylann Roof.

Roof’s father gave him a .45-caliber pistol for his 21st birthday, according to uncle Charles Cowles. The uncle said he recognized Roof from the police photo and “described him as quiet and soft-spoken,” according to The Daily Beast

John Mullins, who went to high school with Roof, told The Daily Beast that he remembers him as being “kind of wild.”

“He used drugs heavily a lot,” Mullins said. “It obviously harder than marijuana. He was like a pill popper, from what I understood. Like Xanax, and stuff like that.

Many of his Facebook friends, including those from his high school, are black.

He was arrested twice earlier this year, once on a drug charge and later for trespassing, records show. Both arrests occurred near Columbia.

He was found guilty of trespassing, but the drug charge was still pending. He was fined $262.50, which he elected to pay off in installments, according to The Washington Post.

The shooter walked into the historic African-American church, Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church, where people were attending Bible class. 

He sat in a pew for up to an hour after the regular prayer meeting had begun, before opening fire at 9:06 p.m Wednesday night. 

When police arrived to the scene, they found 8 people shot dead and brought 2 injured people to the hospital, where one later passed away.

3 people survived the attack.

scene of Charleston, South Carolina church mass shooting

Police stand outside the Emanuel AME Church following a shooting Wednesday, June 17, 2015. (Image source: ABC7)

A 5-year-old girl reportedly survived the attack by following her grandmother’s instructions to play dead, and a woman was allowed to leave to tell what had happened. It was not immediately known what message she was supposed to convey.

Among the dead was the church’s pastor, state Senator Clementa Pinckney, 41, who had been a pastor since he was 18. Pinckney was the youngest African-American elected to the South Carolina legislature when he won office in 1996 at age 23 and had been a Democratic member of the South Carolina Senate since 2000. The other victims were not immediately identified.

Reverend Charles Pinckney died in Charleston, South Carolina church mass shooting

Reverend Charles Pinckney (Image source: Heavy)

The cousin of the deceased church’s pastor quoted a survivor who said Roof told the church, “I have to do it. You’re raping our women and taking over the country. You have to go.”

The mass murder is being investigated as a hate crime, according to Charleston Police department chief Gregory Mullen. All the victims, including Pinckney, were black. Six of those killed were female and three male.

Soon after Wednesday night’s shooting, a group of pastors huddled together praying in a circle across the street.

Early Thursday, a family assistance center was set up for families of the victims at a nearby hotel, according to city officials. The center will be staffed by local, state and federal victim services personnel and the Charleston Coastal Chaplaincy.

Charleston Mayor Joseph P. Riley Jr. told reporters that it was the most “heartbreaking scene” he’s seen in his life.

“This is the most unspeakable and heartbreaking tragedy,” he said. “People in prayer … worshiping God, to have an awful person come in and shoot them is inexplicable, obviously the most intolerable and unbelievable act possible.”

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